From a young age, I was fascinated with images

and their ability to stimulate both imagination and 

aesthetics.  I  attended Dillard Center for  the Arts and

upon  graduation,  set  out  for  Chicago  to  study  at the

School  of  the  Art Institute of Chicago.  There, I was able to

hone my skills in a wide range of mediums, including, painting,

illustration, and graphic arts.  Throughout my schooling I was lucky

to  be  involved  with  projects  at  the  Museum of Art in Ft. Lauderdale,

including  design  and  construction  of  the  museums  only  permanent 

exhibit, "The Indigo Room".   I  was  also allowed the opportunity to compete

against other artists nationwide in The Scholastic Art Show where I was awarded both silver and gold keys.  This led to other juried shows where I was able to sell my art pieces, two of which were chosen by Humana to be displayed in their corporate headquarters.  I have recently moved back from Chicago to South Florida in order to work on projects I'm passionate about.  My father wrote several children stories when I was a little girl, and I am currently in the process of illustrating them for publication.  I am working with The Boys and Girls Clubs of America to spread the love of art.  I want to give the students there, as many wonderful opportunities as I was given.  My thoughts are, if you stimulate the mind through art, you unlock the endless possibilities in life.

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